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Dagushan mountains from/to create the high-quality goods of water culture!
Water in dagushan mountains

Water rich in sodium, magnesium and other chlorinated natural minerals beneficial to human body.

Not only can improve the skin tissue, whiten skin, firming and anti-wrinkle beauty effect, at the same time of neuralgia, arthritis and other diseases have a significant bath with curative effect

Karen hot springs to make water culture of high-quality goods, promote healthy idea, please come to experience.

Enterprise idea

We should devote ourselves to creating a beautiful life process, and strive to become the organizer of housing consumption, the guide of new life, the participant of development and innovation, and the practitioner of individual pursuit.


Seven country theme room

Karen hot springs offers suites of different styles, such as Moroccan, old Shanghai, Spanish, north American, southeast Asian, Indian and Japanese.

Experience the real stars service, enjoy the luxury VIP treatment.

Guest Room Standard Room

Karen hot springs has 105 guest rooms of all kinds with four-star standard, which was upgraded in 2011. The rooms are elegant and comfortable.

Enables you to enjoy the warmth of home outside of the home.

With 100% of our efforts in exchange for your very satisfied, high quality services to create high quality holiday life!

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