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  • Male bath area

    The men's spa area is bright and spacious, with its unique pool, warm pool, hot water pool, rain bath, outdoor hot spring, wet steam room and other hot spring water products, filling you Of the noble. Bath area with high-end toiletries and cosmetics, and a variety of skin, body products.

  • Female bath area

    Female hot spring bath area fresh and elegant environment, simple and natural, the whole region is like a luxury and romantic born, customs million. Different characteristics of the hot spring pool and ancillary products to let you experience leisure, relaxation and fashion: spa SPA, surf pool, warm pool, hot pooll, silver pool, outdoor hot springs, dry steam room, wet steam room. Bath area ...

  • Fire dragon bath

    The temperature of the hall on the first floor of khan steam plaza is 30 degrees. In addition to 9 caves on the first floor, there are 4 independent rooms for stone bath (40 degrees), stone bath (60 degrees), loess bath (60 degrees) and volcanic rock bath (70 degrees). In addition to the rest hall, there are 8 independent private rooms and an oxygen bar on the second floor of khan steam plaza (oxy...

  • 超千平米的御泉湾内可容纳数百人同时嬉水。有独特的园林景观,让客人与大自然亲密融合,同时馆内设有不同尺寸、深度的温水嬉水池,并配备多种嬉戏设备,如亲子滑梯、彩虹塔、花瓣蛇、鳄鱼桥等。适合各年龄层次的孩童游乐,充分满足家庭、集体狂欢的需求。 御泉湾室内温度30度左右,水温32-34度。

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