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  • Swimming pool

    In the clear bottom of the hot spring swimming pool in the free tour, is the most comfortable, the most comfortable fitness way. Spa pool 11 meters wide, 32 meters long, the water depth from 1.2 m -2 m gradually deepened, the water temperature 24-26 degrees.

  • Male bath area

    The men's spa area is bright and spacious, with its unique pool, warm pool, hot water pool, rain bath, outdoor hot spring, wet steam room and other hot spring water products, filling you Of the noble. Bath area with high-end toiletries and cosmetics, and a variety of skin, body products.

  • Female bath area

    Female hot spring bath area fresh and elegant environment, simple and natural, the whole region is like a luxury and romantic born, customs million. Different characteristics of the hot spring pool and ancillary products to let you experience leisure, relaxation and fashion: spa SPA, surf pool, warm pool, hot pooll, silver pool, outdoor hot springs, dry steam room, wet steam room. Bath area ...

  • Fire dragon bath

    Fire dragon bath with jade bath, agate bath, crystal bath, loess bath, the hall style is unique, can promote blood circulation, so that all parts of the body muscles to relax, eliminate fatigue, glow, and more pharmacological effects, Enjoy and enjoy the way. The main principle: jade heat after the release of a large number of people need far infrared rays, heat directly to the human body, and hu...

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