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    Menopause health Menopause is refers to the human body the transition period from middle age to old age. It is generally believed that 80% of women in our country in 44 ~ 54, menopause, in menopause, male menopause appeared between 45 to 60 years old. As the plain question? Ancient naive theory of cloud: groups, ren meridian, lr 3 l...

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    Innate factor is the basis of the physical form, it is the premise of human body physical strength. Parents' impact on the physical health of their children, and parents of congenital birth defects and hereditary disease is also likely to offspring. Innate factor formed by the constitution, is not invariable, the day after tomorrow factor will g...

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    Different physique and the corresponding music method 1, qi deficiency constitution Qi deficiency refers to a series of pathological changes caused by insufficient vigour and syndrome. So-called, is the basic substance in human body, by the essence of kidney, spleen and stomach absorb the transport of water and fresh air inhaled by ...

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    Qi deficiency constitution (more common) Body characteristic: white or yellowish complexion, muscle soft. Psychological characteristics: characterized by quiet, low voice, easy to sweat. Easy to catch a cold, want to prevent the cold wind. Diet: eat more food for gas, such as water chestnut, litchi, grapes, potatoes, ya...

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